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It actually looks pretty good, and I can't stand horror films. I don't care much for horror movies, but the production values looked pretty good judging from that 17 minute clip, especially for such a low-budget film. I couldn't stand his character on ATWT, but good for Jake for winning that award for his film. And in all seriousness, I hope to see VH back on TV soon. The latest news is, straight Jake silbermann can now go public with his girlfriend, when he was ATWT, the show ban him because of the Nuke storyline, his family lives in London and he and his girlfriend often visithow do you know that Jake was baned from naming his girlfriend i remeber twice in interviews he metioned his girlfreind and how do you know about his family living in london and he and his girlfriend visiting often??

The cinematography is pretty impressive for a low-budget film. ok so your his friend well i want some proof how bout somemore juicy gossip, also why would he have been baned from naming his girlfriend thats just silly, oh and one more ting is it true that je and Van and freinds or was that just a lie that was made for the fans?? There's something I wanted to mention about Stuffer, but I'll keep it on Van, like how adorable it is that he and his boyfriend moved to L. together, even though Tyler likely has more career opportunities in NY. It wasn't just "a few casual mentions" of the other actors. I mean, if you want to get this deep about it, maybe you should just question whether you ever even knew "for sure" that they were dating.

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‘I feel like Luke and Noah were embraced as characters.We will process and protect the information you provide to us in accordance with your privacy choices and the Terms of Use.For any complaints and enquiries you may contact us here.Yes, I'm aware that it wouldn't make a lot of sense for Tyler to move to L. being a theater actor; but do we know that he has actually moved there?i wonder why would Tyler move to LA, for Van but i thought they broke up sometime ago i mean that rumour was going around for sometime, what do you people think??

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    The impact of that loss would be carried over into the 81st Academy Awards when Ledger would be honored with a rare posthumous Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

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