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Among those who would see themselves as conservative on the issue of sexual practice outside the marriage of a man and a woman, there is still disagreement on this question.

Unwilling to rehearse of that here, I simply forbid you to read this post until you’ve done your due diligence with the previous post. In the face of Holy Saturday, this whole thing about dealing with the death of God, whether by assuming that that’s the way things are or by proving it otherwise, completely misses the point because it assumes that this is all very new and we’ve got to be relevant to all the new things coming out, to be secular on secular terms.) and his husband (such an adorable couple), as well as great business men. A meme stating "you cannot be a Gay Christian" next to a photo of Vicky Beeching was shared by one user who commented “Your Choice.Even if someone is wrong that it is acceptable to call one’s self "gay", does that mean that they are no longer a Christian?Questions like this strike to the heart of our understanding of what it means to be a Christian.

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