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There's this series of videos that I really enjoy. There is also an option to pay with Ideal (bank transfer), is that safe? Edit: I found some site that offers pre-paid credit cards. It does happen when an employee sells credit card numbers that works at the company.

Some of them are out there on the free website, but I want to find more on the official website. I just don't want to get into trouble with this : P. the site is Little and I'm in no way affiliated! It's old, its copyright notices are years out of date, it refers to "128-bit encryption" (a standard from the Clinton era). On the other hand, they do use CCBill to handle their payment, which is pretty much a standard among porn sites. So it's more likely the company is smaller, with less security precautions in place. Now I only shop Ebay and Amazon and other major corporation and trustworthy sites. I was not responsible for the charges in either case. If they accept paypal, then believe it or not you are more safe because they can't get your information.

By safe, do you mean the likelihood that they'll run off with your details and buy crates of Cristal, or the potential that their data will be compromised a la Ashley Madison? Little Mutt probably never sees your credit-card number, let alone stores it. With money tight for so many people it's pretty tempting to sell CCNs on the black market. And they can only recur charges if you allow in Pay Pal and then you can turn that off.

Can you tell if they're processing the payment themselves, or do they redirect you to a third-party (ie: Paypal)? On the other-other hand, even CCBill has been hacked. If your card is stolen, you may have to have an embarrassing conversation with your issuing bank. 3rd party payment through reputable firm might be a good alternative to direct pay.r/sex is for civil discussions about all facets of sexuality and sexual relationships.

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