Vs2016 disable updating intellisense

If you’ve been waiting for the full release before you upgrade, the second part of this post will cover what’s new in VS 2015 more broadly. Participating in Visual Studio Extensibility is now easier than ever.You can use high-resolution icons in your VS extensions and for increased portability and sharing of extension projects, you can use the Nu Get versions of the VS SDK Reference Assemblies.We’ve also enhanced the compiler with new secure code generation, improved vectorization, new asynchronous C , as well as incremental whole program and many throughput improvements. And, while defining components, you can specify artifacts for the component by using a component name that is same as (or contains) the name of the published artifact from the build definition. If you are a service developer, you can use the Connected Services SDK to build a provider that can improve discoverability and drive usage of your services.. NET web apps, i OS, Android, and J2EE, this release adds support for ASP. It also now makes use of the Visual Studio connected services hub, which simplifies the addition of Application Insights to projects and makes it easier to sign in.You can add Application Insights by opening the Connected Services dialog and choosing Application Insights from the list of services. Learn more about Application Insights in VS 2015 in this blog post on Application Insights tools in VS 2015 or the release notes. Now you can let Office 365 API Tools auto-configure Single Sign-On in your ASP.This is one of the big new items for VS 2015: Out of the box, Visual Studio allows you to use web technologies to build production quality mobile apps for i OS, Android and Windows using Apache Cordova, as well as with C and Xamarin.If you select the items during setup, Visual Studio 2015 will install all the tools you need including the Android Developer Kit, the Java Developer Kit, and the Native Developer Kit and the Visual Studio Emulator for Android, and you can start creating apps for Android, i OS, and Windows from File/New.

One click from the compiler error code sends the relevant context on the error such as language, project type, and the error message itself to Bing.

Before saying anything about the release, I want to start by thanking all of you who took the time to download our pre-releases and send us feedback – here on this blog, through Send-a-Smile, through Connect, or through email.

Over this release we received more feedback than ever and it helped us create a better product. Just a few minutes ago, we kicked off an event with Soma and Brian (among others), talking about what’s new in VS 2015, TFS 2015, and Visual Studio Online.

Additionally, the source for the debug engine that enables Visual Studio to debug against GDB and LLDB is now available on Git Hub.

With this source code, you can extend the current capabilities of Visual Studio 2015 to debug any application on any target device that supports GDB or LLDB.

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