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Discussion of previous research examining playing hard to get is also re-examined through an emotion intensity theory theoretical lens. 7(2), doi:10.5964/ijpr.v7i2.128 Received: 2013-06-12. In general, people like others who like them back (Kenny, 1994).When informed that another person likes or dislikes him or her, individuals reciprocate with equal like or dislike (Lehr & Geher, 2006; Whitchurch, Wilson, & Gilbert, 2011) manifested through differential displays of behavior in interpersonal interactions (Curtis & Miller, 1986), such as acting more friendly and warm (Stinson, Cameron, Wood, Gaucher, & Holmes, 2009).Participants then rated their degree of attraction toward the potential partner.The results of Study 1 provided only partial support for Brehm’s emotion intensity theory.

However, he also proposed a lesser known, but similarly impressive, theory of emotional and motivational intensity (Wright, 2011).A second explanation suggests that uncertainty about the other’s attraction leads to increased thoughts about the other person, and subsequently greater attraction (Whitchurch et al., 2011).A third explanation of why people like potential partners who play hard to get follows from Brehm’s (1999) emotion intensity theory.Roberson and Wright (1994) manipulated men’s perception of difficulty (unspecified, easy, moderate, impossible) of persuading a woman to choose him as a coworker.Participants’ rating of interpersonal appeal (e.g., potential coworker is nice, desire to work with person) followed the cubic function.

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