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Your keylight is going to affect the overall mood of your face more than any other light you place in your scene so experiment and make sure you are happy with the shadows it either casts or the shadowless beauty light it creates.

If you have huge dual monitors then you might think those would make perfect keylights but the problem with using your monitor to light your face is that the color and exposure of your monitor is always changing.

Because I set my keylights so close to my face and exposed for them on my webcam, my white background went completely black (this is a trick everyone can remember when wanting to change the density of your background).However, next time you are hosting that super cool Google Hangout or Spreecast session, you might want to take some of these tips into account before hitting the Go Live button.Tip One: Improve Your Keylight All photographers should be familiar with the term "keylight".Now, I know what a lot of you are thinking, "I don't have the money or room to setup a crazy 8 light setup to make myself look like a video photograph!" That's okay because you probably don't want every single video session to look over lit and super stylized.

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