Wechat sex girl

I’m a bit suspicious of Tan Tan too – I hate how it keeps spamming me with SMS messages, and there’s no way to turn them off.

There are various We Chat versions available for mobile devices.

We Chat is an online chat application that’s immensely popular in China. In fact We Chat is so common in China that I now refuse to speak to any China Love Cupid lady who doesn’t have a We Chat account.

If you’re interested in dating a younger lady in particular then it’s quite likely she has a We Chat account.

Another thing to remember is that everything you say in We Chat is monitored by Big Brother, so stay away from political and other sensitive discussions. Buy a mobile just for chatting to Chinese girls or use the Desktop version.

Actually as an IT professional my opinion is that nothing you do on a mobile is particularly secure, so keep your desktop for stuff you don’t want other people to find out about.

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Bear in mind, however, that many Chinese ladies can’t write much English, and even if they do, a lot of Chinese mobile phones make it difficult to write English on them.On the downside, be aware that there are a fair number of scammers using We Chat.Be careful giving away personal information and never send money to anyone! In this respect We Chat is very much like MSN or AOL Messengers, which were also plagued by scammers and other undesirables using it to contact their next victims.I basically use We Chat to confirm that a girl does actually exist and her dating profile isn’t fake.Chatting to girls is a good way to get to know them and decide if you want to visit them in person.

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