Which two real world brooklyn cast members are dating

A singer, songwriter, and dancer from South Philadelphia, Josh has Puerto Rican roots.

His confident demeanor (and proud ladies man bravado) was at times off-putting; in the reunion special, a few castmates talked about his “peacockishness.” A Dominican woman who hoped to become a parole officer (she majored in criminal justice at Jamestown Community College), Nany came to the house after dealing with a number of family issues (an estranged father, a drug-addicted mother).

One of two gay cast members that season, Willie came from a religious family who didn’t accept him for who he was.

He left his home at the age of 15, though he remained close with his siblings.

Raised by his grandmother in the small town of Loving, New Mexico, Derek was the resident “nice guy” of the house that season.

Openly gay, he stood out among a throng of housemates all too intent on drunken partying.

She was described by MTV as a “firecracker,” which perhaps all to bluntly perpetuated stereotypes about sassy Latinas.

A Cuban-American AIDS educator, Zamora was the first openly gay man with AIDS to be presented on national American television.

Having ended her engagement to her fiancé to pursue her career, much of Shauvon’s story during this Aussie-set season focuses on her attempts at becoming a successful journalist.

She even writes her own dating and relationship column titled Half-Cuban half-Puerto Rican JD worked as a dolphin trainer at Sea World.

A young Republican who grew up in a conservative household, Rachel’s major storyline during this politically-heated season was her interaction with Pedro.

She functioned as an audience surrogate as she slowly warmed up to Pedro and his AIDS diagnosis.

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