Who is gia carangi dating

Refereing to Gia as an"It" is not my idea of respect.If you read the book you will understand my dislike of Sandy.The modeling agencies were growing tired of the same look and they were desperate to find the "new face".The legendary Wilhelmina was a genius and a maverick to pick Gia to be her star girl and became a surrogate mother to Gia while she first started out.I'm seeing giant marble statues of Gia in the middle of vast public squares in all major world capitals..you think that would be tribute enough? My curiousity with her began in college, when I read an article about her in Cosmopolitan. She also was absolutely gorgeous, but a total train wreck.r71 I agree that 16 is not only too young to be alone in NYC but in the shark infested waters of the fashion industry.

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Janice Dickinson tried to credit herself for Gia's success, stating she opened the door for brunette and ethnic models.

It probably aggrevated what was more than likely either a personality disorder or a mental illness.

You're right r77 that's the career she would have had if she hadn't been such a train wreck and Cindy might not have had one at all.

I hope she has found the missing piece in Heaven, I'm sure she finally has. The fashion industry is a cesspool of dysfunction; drugs and eating disorders are [italic]de rigeur[/italic].

The most well-adjusted people are affected by the toxic atmosphere.

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