Who is jackson rathbone dating 2016

The couple met in 2011 when Jackson was in musical tour in Fort Lauderdale with his band 100 Monkeys.

After a year of their relationship, they decided to have a baby without even getting married.

The marriage event was a small one comprising of close friends and family members because they wanted to avoid unnecessary press attention that could have ruin their relationship as Jackson was rumored to have a few linkups before that.

One of the very scary moments in the life of the couple and their son happened on 18th September 2014.

Though there are a few rumors of linkups, but Jackson has maintained his one-woman’s man status throughout his life.

After a year of their first child, they finally decided to get married in September 2014.

They had a brief relationship in 2011 before Jackson met Shelia.

The couple was caught kissing and making out in Los Angeles.

He was also interested in taking part in musical theater acts.

Jackson went to Interlochen Arts Academy to do a major in acting.

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