Women dating less attractive men

While men may SAY and truly believe they want women who are all dolled up and spend hours on their appearance, the reality is that women who are not obsessed with shopping, fixing their hair, and caring for their appearance are often more confident and independent than their vain counterparts.

Men SAY they want a beauty, but secretly wonder who the “dolled up” woman is trying to impress, and it ruins the chase for them.

So, they may fail to develop the understanding of the nuances of human interaction in its entirety.

Thirdly, even after the establishment of any sort of relationship, they fail to properly express their own emotions due to many reasons which is something one must always account for.

Think of all the men you know who have casual encounters with many beautiful women only to never call them again, then you look at that same man two years later and he is married to a woman who is relatively plain in appearance.

All autistic beings struggle at proper communication with their peers, easy social interaction, realisation of accepted norms of etiquette, use of physical contact, etc.If it comes down to it, a man would gladly choose a woman who shares his faith and interests and activities over a woman who is beautiful but which he has nothing in common with.In the end, despite all the media hype and stereotypes Men are just humans looking for love and companionship in a mate.Often there maybe unexplainable actions or reactions or even outbursts of rather violent fits which may be anything ranging from inability to focus, concentrate, understand, self express or even actual anger for someone or something.However, having said that, it's still a fact that many autistic adults have partners and children.

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