World dating and name

His shirtless photos make him look like a Ken doll and I would've left-swiped, if left to my own devices. What I get is the opposite: a history nerd (like me) with a quick sense of humour.

Yet, of all the Daniels I meet, King of Tinder Daniel challenges my preconceptions the most. I'm really glad I fought that voice in my head that said "Not your type: NEXT" and actually went on the date.

This trait jumps straight to the top of my new dating criteria list.

Tinder's greatest On week eight, Tinder emails me the details of the "most liked Daniel in London".

I'm into it – we start chatting, mainly how great it is to be called Daniel. He takes my number and messages the next day: Oh sorry, hang about – Scott? The most successful Daniel so far is actually a fake.

I make a mental note to research if Scotts are disingenuous opportunists, and delete his number.

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Although FYI, you do have to be Indian to join - just before you dive right in.

Soon after, an email comes through from a real Daniel – Daniel Anderson*: The next night it's Daniel #6 – Daniel Iturbe, 25, who speaks Spanish, and will therefore be known as Spaniel.

We go gin-tasting – I like his vibe straight away, even though he's someone I'd probably usually bypass.

I don't own a webcam, so Blu-Tack my phone to a pile of books for our 'meeting'.

First of all, by taking me bowling (shit shoes, and I always need the sides up), and secondly by linking his arm through mine on our way from bar to bowling alley and saying, "Doesn't this just feel right? We discuss research by psychologist Dr Brett Pelham that found those with a common surname, such as Smith, are more likely to marry another Smith. We're attracted to things that remind us of ourselves.

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