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In a network using Samba Active Directory, it is not necessary to purchase CALs to connect to the domain controller or connect to a Samba file server.

However, the use of a WSUS server will still require the purchase of client access licenses for all Windows workstations that will connect to the WSUS server.

2018/12/07 .6001961 5316 76 Agent Adding timer: 2018/12/07 .6002034 5316 76 Agent Timer: 29A863E7-8609-4D1E-B7CD-5668F857F1DB, Expires 2018-12-08 , not idle-only, not network-only 2018/12/07 .6017327 5316 76 Idle Timer Idle Timer:: Network State Changed. Yes 2018/12/07 .6152671 5316 2732 Download Manager Handle Scavenge Sandbox Task: Cleaning up sandboxes.SUS ran on a Windows Server operating system and downloaded updates for the specified versions of Windows from the remote Windows Update site which is operated by Microsoft.Clients could then download updates from this internal server, rather than connecting directly to Windows Update.I've ran the powershell command Get-Windowsupdatelog to generate the traditional Windowsupdate.log, but the log is all garbage and contains few readable lines.WSUS server is running on Server 2008 R2 and clients are Windows .

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