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On May 9, Marley capitalized on the controversy by releasing “Am I a Yahoo Boy,” featuring the massive Nigerian rapper Zlatan.

The upbeat song and its accompanying video playfully respond to Simi, at one point outright stating that Marley is not a Yahoo boy but he does have a Yahoo email address (which is how the scammers got their name in the first place).

“Naira Marley does not practice fraud, neither does he facilitate it,” reads a statement attributed to Marley’s management. Naira did not publicly [defend] those who commit fraud, he expressed his view on the situation, which was simply his opinion.” According to the statement, Nigeria’s government was trying to prosecute Marley “based on a cheeky song” and on unspecified “items” found on a laptop that Marley, a UK resident since the age of 11, had borrowed so he could record and upload music and videos while visiting his native Nigeria.

He urged Nigerians to “pray for internet fraudsters” rather than condemn them, and argued that Yahoo boys pump money into the economy: “Where the fuck do you think it’s coming from? ” This prompted some Nigerian social media users to call for an EFCC investigation into Marley’s ties to Yahoo boys.

Nigeria is notorious for its email scammers—known as “Yahoo boys”—and it’s a reputation the government is eager to shed.

Last December, the country’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) announced a crackdown specifically on young men suspected of internet fraud.

The whole thing vaguely recalls the way that rappers’ lyrics have been used against them in U. courts as evidence of their misdeeds, instead of what they really are: creative expression.

“As an artist, music is Naira’s avenue of expressing himself,” reads the statement.

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